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Benefit Luncheon
Cinco de Mayo
V.I.P Tables.
At the FACE THE COAST Vaulting Competiton we will be offering VIP tables and a catered 'Cinco de Mayo' benefit luncheon. The proceeds with benefit the USA vaulting horses who are traveling to represent the USA at the 2012 World Championships in Le Mans, France.
Our Athletes need our support to compete on their own US horses.
Historically our vaulting .athletes have had to bear a large portion of the financial burden of representing the USA. Even though the Federation has generous athlete grants, it still does not cover what the actual costs are to compete internationally and attend World Championships and World Equestrian Games. The shipping of their partner (their horse) has always been a financial burden, and been mostly prohibitive for our top vaulters to compete on an even palying field by having their equine partner.
We as vaulting enthusiasts need to show or support for these hard working athletes, and raise funds to enable them to take their horses.
This event makes the perfect platform to invite family and friends to join you at the FACE THE COAST competition. The VIP Tables will be available for you and your guests all day.
Flying with KLM
2010 World Equestrian Games USA Gold medal winners.
The USA winning a gold medal in Kentucky made possible by their equine partner Palatine. In Kentucky the USA proved to the World that on their own horses they were the ones to beat.
The luncheon will take place on Saturday May 5, 2012 on the grounds of the beautiful Vigne Farms Equestrian Center, located in teh majestic Sanat Cruz mountains. 
The tables will have a premier view to the competition arena, where you can watch the excitement in comfort throughout the two days of competition.
Catered by the award winning Restaurant.
  • Breakfast
  • Cinco de Mayo Luncheon.
  • Assorted desserts.
  • Preferred Parking
  • VIP seating
VIP Tables $400.00 seats eight.
Individual seats $60.00
The planning and co-ordinating by Tricia Dahlgren Events.
Deadline March 25th, 2012.
Contact for your Reservations.
Support our vaulters.
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