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Our Equine Partners
'There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.'
Sir Winston Churchill.
Equestrian sports would not be possible without extraordinary equine partners, their abilities, and their acquiescence and mystical bond with humans. Here are some stories of these astonishing horses on their journey to the 2012 World Championships.
Owned by Sydney Frankel of Woodside, CA.
Trained and lunged by Carolyn Bland
Palatine is a 13 year-old chestnut Westphalian Warmblood, imported by Devon Miatozo from Germany in 2007. Palatine is a regal chestnut gelding, with an impulsive canter. He is a very smart, affectionate, hard working, vaulting horse. Palatine has recieved 7.5 horse scores and higher from judges in domestic and international competition.
Palatine carried the team, The Dark Side of the Moon, in 2008 through all of the selection trials and at the National Championships. In 2009, Palatine earned Reserve USEF Vaulting horse of the year. Palatine is the only US owned horse to win a World Equestrian Games Gold medal, in 2010 he carried the USA Team to gold medal success, securing his title as the USEF HOTY Team horse Champion. In 2011 Palatine was the USEF HOTY Individual horse and Champion HOTY Pas De Deux horse. In 2012, Palatine will continue to partner top vaulters and with support could compete in Le Mans, France at this years World Championships.    
Sir Anthony Van Dyck
Owned by Sydney Frankel of Woodside, CA.
Trained and lunged by Carolyn Bland
Sir Anthony Van Dyck, a 21 year old dark bay (almost black) Shire/TB Horse gelding lunged and trained by Carolyn Bland. Although A seasoned competitive horse, Van Dyck peeked in 2010 at the World Equestrian Games, barely missing the Bronze individual medal with Mary McCormick, winning the last freestyle round, An American women on and American Breed and owned horse, on American soil. Van Dyck has been a steady and consistent partner for McCormick over the last season. He carried her to victory at the Nationals Championships and helped to keep Mary at the top of the USEF ranking list. Van Dyck was 2011 USEF Reserve Champion HOTY, fractions of points behind his stablemate Palatine. Van Dyck shows no signs of wanting to retire from domestic competition, and as long as he continues in good health and mind, Van Dyck will carry Mary in 2012 to gain her rightful spot on the 2012 World Championship Team.
Lanson 16
Owned by Garrod Farms, Saratoga CA
Lanson is a 12 year old bay Hannoverian gelding. He partnered 2008 World Champion Nicola Ströh of Germany. In 2009, he was purchased by Garrod Farms and shipped over to Saratoga, California where he currently resides with the Mount Eden Vaulting Club. His smooth, easy canter makes him a favorite among the elite individuals at Mt.Eden.
Megan Benjamin the 2006 World Champion will likely compete on Lanson with lungeur Jessica Ballenger at the selection trials leading up to the World Equestrian Games.
Owned by Woodside Vaulters, Woodside, CA
Giovanni is a 13yr old bay Mecklenburger, imported by Woodside vaulters in 2005.
He has already proven himself to be a 'Rock' in competition this strikingly beautiful and consistant performer and has earned the admiration of the Judges. Giovanni was 2007 and 2008 AVA Horse of the Year and the 2009 USEF Individual Vaulting Horse of the Year.
Giovanni has carried the Woodside female athletes to many successes, highlighted  with Alicen Divita capturing the Gold women's 2008 and 2009 National Championships in consecutive years. No wonder "Ali' feels a competitive bond with her equine partner Giovanni.
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