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Join the exciting Equestrian Vaulting Sport, and feel the success of GOLD, and associate your Company with winners. Vaulters win medals!
Competition advertising and sponsorship is a great way to draw both local and nationwide attention to your products.
Take the Title 
'The (Company Name) FACE THE COAST
Become the Presenting Sponsor of this event. With your sponsorship you will help Cadence Equestrian Events to offer prize money to these well deserved athletes.
Along with the incredible feat and honor of representing the USA at World Events comes the staggering cost of getting there. Even with grants from their Federation, most of these young athletes and their families struggle with the unsurmountable cost of getting themselves and their equine partner to the World Championships and World Equestrian Games.
  • Prominent Signage in and around the competition arena.
  • Advertisement in the Competition Program.
  • Advertisement on website.
  • Photographical opportunities in Equestrian Sport magazines.
  • Awards presented by Company Representative.
  • Product donation to enhance product recognition.
Equestrians make loyal customers and are National and Worldwide consumer's. Most equine households also have several other pets, and drive a variety of vehicles. Your advertising dollar goes along way with Equestrians who also know good value for money.
Whatever the size of your enterprise, we need your help!
Your monetary donations, product donations, discount coupons for your products, and/or products samples for our competitor bags are welcome.
Competitors, their support groups and spectators will be a captive audience. We can direct them to your products by your sponsorship.
Don't miss this opportunity to advertise at this event..
Download the FACE THE COAST class sponsorship form and be a part of this AWESOME competition.
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